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22 Feb

Ask that mortgage question – that’s what I’m here for


Posted by: Kristin Stauffer

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to start blogging, at first it was to get the basics down on paper (screen?), but then I realized that there is so much information to share that I couldn’t stop! Plus I’m now addicted to trying to master html code, so bare with me if I try some flashy code that ends up failing…


But the biggest reason is to answer questions. All questions. ANY question. With many client meetings at least one time I get “This is probably a really stupid question but…”, and you know what? It’s never a stupid question. Ever! Most of the time it’s something that I was leading into from the current subject, and the only way to truly become the master of your mortgage is to ask all of those questions to get the answers.


So the next time you think to yourself “I’d really like to ask Kristin but I don’t want her to think I’m stupid”, just ask. I promise you I’ve heard that question before or a variation of it. If you think of something you’d like covered in a blog let me know as well – a quick email, text, voice mail, whatever is easiest for you – and I’ll get that answered for you and everybody else who was wondering the same thing.


Got a mortgage question? I have your answer!